Aut inveniam viam aut faciam entrepreneurial journey

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

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“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving; everything is falling apart.”

Think of how hard you have worked for everyone else in your life, and imagine if you put that level of sacrifice and effort into something for yourself.

If you were to analyze your roots of internal suffering and your daily reality and were to walk away from that, what would you have left?

A college degree and skill set that is not transferrable to anything other than the role that causes you to question why you chose that path and has you on certain days asking what if I had majored in something else, all while you are left in a trajectory that leads to nothing more than becoming the person you despise as you climb the corporate ladder to play the game because of the love for your family and don’t know how you could get by without a salary or benefits that your employer provides.

Imagine all the time you have spent studying (actually memorizing) the material in college you no longer remember, working for someone else, and gaining “experience” learning to be a professional paper-pusher with internships or roles to set you up for your “dream job”?

I remember one of the scariest moments I had when I was 21 doing my first engineering internship was when the department manager said: “We need to learn to become more of a family at the office, the reality is we spend more waking hours with our co-workers than you do with your actual bloodline family or spouse that you will spend the rest of your life with.”

Who the fuck wants to spend more time with the guy in the cubicle next you or the fuck faces you regularly see at the water cooler which is more valued by the corporate machine because they are sheep and always volunteer to step up for the fun and safety committees?

Seriously, how did the American dream and pursuit of happiness lead to a majority of our population accepting this as an ordinary reality because we programmed to rely on structure and stability to find “happiness”?

It is because we are programmed to rely on educational institutions and corporate entities to be the backbone of “stability,” and we do not think we can learn, do, or solve any problem without getting a degree or training that gives us the credentials to do something on our own, independent of anybody else.

In 2016, I remembered the first day I woke up after quitting my Corporate engineering job, and thinking this is the most fantastic feeling ever.

I reflected on the last decade of my life and the continually shifting career goals I had envisioned for myself, back to when I was a grocery stock clerk making $6.40 an hour at Publix, and how I dreamt of getting that dream internship at the engineering career fair, and fantasized for the longest time about being a top performer at a top engineering consulting firm.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

How much valuable time have you spent studying in college, and working for a corporate entity to chase your dreams?

What level of sacrifice are you willing to make to achieve your dreams and chase the dream of ultimate success?

When you look at your manager and envision yourself climbing up the corporate ladder, is that the reality you envision for yourself?

For every Fortune 500 company I worked for, I did not see happiness and passion in the workplace, I saw people who had created a reality for themselves that they could not escape, a secure job with excellent health insurance and amazing retirement benefits, and the ultimate victory of a 1-2 hour commute to the suburbs.

Congratulations, you worked 40 hours a week for five years, you get an extra day of vacation, seriously who the fuck can honestly be happy with that?

My favorite Jedi mind trick at last employer was the idea of an Employer Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), where employees are receiving more and more money for their retirement each year. Then the company holds that over their head to justify working for free and making it hard for people to leave the company.

When I left that employer, they were telling people that they had to maintain a billability of 90%+ and if that they were required to do a week of training, they would have to make up that time and work 40 hours of billable work to make sure they are an excellent “employee-owner.”

What the fuck Ph.D. psychiatrist did they hire to convince people to do that because it was honestly crazy how many people will work 40 hours for free and stay till 3 AM to work on EPC proposals to be a “good employee-owner” and get recognition at the department staff meetings where everyone was excited they got a free $6 chick fil a meal?

If you want to accrue wealth for retirement, it has nothing to do with a 401(k) or ESOP, and it is called taking FUCKING RISK in your 20’s and 30’s.

Why are we programmed to put more into our 401(k) when we are 25 when we should either be using that money to travel the world or building our dreams?

Do you know how many cancer patients I speak with who are diagnosed with cancer just as they retire, and have put 40 years into the corporate machine, only to ride out the rest of their life on chemotherapy drips and have limited time to enjoy the retirement they yearned and worked so hard for?

Sorry if this offends you, but I think that as life takes its toll on us and we are used and abused by the corporate 9-5 machine, our aspirations dwindle, and our definition of what happiness is continuously changing.

What did you want to do when you were 18? 25? 30? 40?

Is your level of internal suffering where you thought it would, or did you not even consider the idea of internal suffering until I mentioned it earlier?

Why are we programmed by society to think we can’t have our cake and eat it too in order to conform to the standard of what is “acceptable”?

For those of us who live our lives in the real world, there is one branch of philosophy created just for us: Stoicism.

It’s a philosophy designed to make us more resilient, happier, more virtuous and more wise–and as a result, better people and better professionals.

Why do people frown when you pursue happiness because it is a decision they wouldn’t make?

Stoicism instructs us to take responsibility for how we view things because this is the true cause of suffering.

Rather than just blaming the world or other people for our shitty situation or our crappy mood, we are empowered to accept that it’s us who create our happiness.

I admire the level of sacrifice my parents made every day for my sister and me. Still, it fires me to think up that was the reality that life dealt them, and they were used and abused by Corporate America fuck faces that I want to punch in the face every day with how they treated them.

How could they change jump ship in the 1990s and 2000s when there was no technology to work remotely, and to making a living to have a mortgage, health insurance benefits for a family full of chronic illness, and there was no escaping that reality.

That is why I will make sure my mother has a Gucci as fuck life within the next few years so she can tell her boss how much a fuck face he is, and she can Jerry McGuire her office.

As millennials, we should realize that our parents and older generations did not have the opportunities we did with technology, so why the fuck are we not living our best life in honor of the sacrifices they made for us to be where we are today.

When your definition of happiness changes, it is not because you are actually happy, it is because you find yourself in a situation where you are boxed in the reality you have created for yourself, working in a job that does not provide any mental stimulation, spending 1-2 hours a day commuting in isolation, and realize that your day to day job is more focused on playing the corporate game and being someone’s bitch than it is actually solving problems or doing what you went to school for.

But how do you change your reality?

You can’t just lose health insurance, take a pay cut, and then expect to go on with life if you have no way to pay your bills or support yourself?

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” is Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one” and made famous by the Carthage general Hannibal who used this expression as made an impossible crossing of the alps on elephants.

The reality is you are correct, just as Hannibal experienced trying to cross the Alps to attack Rome,  it is nearly impossible to completely start over when you are making $100,000 with comfy benefits, rely on an employer for health insurance, and have the FUCK ME moment that your skillset is useless outside of Corporate America

To start over, you would have to learn an entirely new skill set?

Would grad school or an MBA help you find happiness, or it yet another smoke and mirror developed by society to keep you hooked up to the matrix to rely on corporate entities?

Going back to “I shall either find a way or make one,” if you are trying to find a way out to change your life, it probably does feel like Hannibal trying to cross over mountainous terrain with an army of elephants in 218 BC when he did the unthinkable of attacking the Roman Empire to begin the Second Punic War as he drove his massive army across the Pyrenees and Alps into central Italy in what would be remembered as one of the most famous campaigns in history.

If you are actually going to find happiness in life and find a way to chase your dreams, it is not going to involve any college degree, fancy letters behind your name, or paid training, it is going to be writing your playbook and find a way to incorporate your passions daily, so the words “work” or “job” are replaced in your vocabulary with “opportunity” and “skill set.”

I have never met someone who found financial independence by pinching pennies or putting money in their 401(k) when I quit my engineering job at the age of 26 I had $60,000 in my 401(k) ‘s and ESOP accounts that I cashed out to make sure I have the fancy retirement home when I am wearing diapers in 40 years.

You find financial independence by creating business models that provide solutions to people who have problems and create an infrastructure to scale that growth over time and optimize your processes.

I know a ton of people will immediately think I will just go to a coding boot camp or grad school, but again you are losing the whole point of what it means to solve a problem.

You are just learning and memorizing when the real experience comes from practicionership of jumping into the trenches with your target demographic and developing your processes and playbook to solve their problems.

If you are not running experiments, falling, and learning how to deal with rejection, you are just going through the motions so you can tell your parents that you are working on something or create an “illusion of education” so you are not the scrutiny of society for “doing nothing.”

Here is a wake-up call for anyone in coding school – I charge $10,000-15,000 for websites that are use drag and drop, I don’t’ even do custom code, and actually can design a faster website that has more functionality and looks more visually appealing than your custom coded fuck face of a content management system they taught you in school.

You can do what I do by watching the Beaver Builder youtube channel, some SEO youtube videos, and then just let it rip and spending more time “doing” and “failing,” then “practicing” and “studying.”

Every time I interview someone for my agency, I tell them I don’t care what you went to school for, what your senior projects were, or anything you did in the world of academia and bullshit, tell me what tangible skill you can prove to me right now on the spot and send me real-world examples of your work.

It is incredible how everybody who goes to some of these coding boot camps has the same “projects” that they pride themselves on that have no real-world application. I have to tell everyone that the technical part is the natural part; the hard part you should have been focusing on is how you write a playbook to monetize your skill set in the real world.

I can do everything you went to school for in less than a week from my own experience and supplementing with Youtube and Udemy videos to teach my tangible skills, stop focusing on the fuck faces who get paid to teach and have little to no real-world experience in actually scaling a business.

So again from someone who never did a paid training, never relied on someone to teach me, and just went for it, what are you waiting for?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Going back to when I quit my engineering job in 2016, I remember the first day I woke up and thought I had won the lottery.

The feeling of independence, no phone calls, no clients, and most of all no responsibilities to any manager or entity, I was in the honeymoon stage we all enjoy when we have a fresh start in life. Still, for each day, I slept in and “enjoyed the freedom.”


Each day that passed, however, I felt less optimistic that I had made the right decision and began to lose confidence in myself.

With no routine, I went to the gym less than I thought. Actually, not at all, my diet was horrible, and most of all, I struggle to find traction and develop a trajectory of where I wanted my life to go from this point forward.

Working from the Starbucks on Westheimer Rd. and Beltway 8 in Houston, I realized that I loved expresso shots over ice, hold the milk and that I got more done at coffee shops than anywhere else, I slowly developed a routine of jumping around local small businesses in Houston to work throughout the day.


Regardless of what I tried, every day felt like the same day on repeat, I had objectives for the day I always failed to complete, I didn’t work out, and most of all I was dwindling my financial stockpile as I began my financial free fall of making no money for the next three years.

I felt like there was no way I could ever overcome the challenges of starting a business, getting health insurance, making enough money to support myself, and most of all find a way to pursue my the intersection of all the passion in my life of traveling, technology, and deploying empathy.

One day I remember looking at the mirror and being disgusted with my weight, my lack of initiative with the freedom I had yearned for so long and had no confidence in myself and what I could do if I put my head to it.

The first venture I pursued was an engineering tutoring company called Prepineer, where I tutored and mentor engineers pursuing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (EIT).

At first, I had no idea what I was doing, but for 18 months developed a process of writing a 5,000-page engineering curriculum encompassing Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, as well as mentoring engineers to prepare and execute on the exam.

I thought for the longest time, that if I could master the curriculum and write a tutorial on every engineering equation in the FE handbook, that I would be able to create a business that would, I could train mentors underneath me and then focus on the lead generation/sales aspect to drive revenue with the ultimate goal of stepping back to enjoy the company as a source of residual income.

Every day for months on end, I would wake up and writing engineering content, problems, and solutions, various tutorials, and then mentor anywhere between 25-100 engineers handling any engineering question they had on the spot.


I didn’t mind the 12+ hour days but struggled at a certain point to see my bank account continuously dwindle and have minimal income as I kept the hopes alive that Prepineer would create a long-lasting source of income where the amount of work and financial income would be inversely correlated, and I would end up working less making more at some point.


It was in 2017 after free-falling for over a year, I had blown through quite a bit of my savings, and my runaway was starting to diminish as I would need to rely on my retirement savings and extraordinary credit limit of $100k+.

I began to realize that while I had freedom and could do anything, I felt I had no purpose or passion for waking up each day.

Even though I could not afford it, I began to travel as much as I could to visit family and friends to explore my curiosity about what was out there and explore new cities to relocate too.

I eventually found myself one day in Denver, Colorado exploring the art district commonly known as “RINO” and fell in love with the fantastic coffee shops, art mural lining the sides buildings all over, and the free-thinking millennials who had chosen a coffee shop over the cubicle they had also once called their office.

What people don’t realize is interesting about Denver, which is that Denver is the number 1 city in the country for college-educated millennials who work for themselves.

As I had little to no income and exhausted all of my savings, I decided to move to Denver and put everything on my credit cards, including nearly three weeks in hotels, until I could find a place to live.

Union State Millennial Laptop Lifestyle

I promised myself that I would not settle, I would not get an apartment that made me miserable, I would not live in the suburbs, I would pay whatever it cost to live in the heart of the city and be able to walk everywhere so I could enjoy being outside more and find the inspiration I had been looking for so long.

Another fun experience is trying to get a lease for a rental when you are self-employed and have no proof of income for nearly two years.

Eventually, I found a historic loft in the Five Points neighborhood that was in the perfect location, five coffee shops, and five dispensaries within a mile, the ideal circuit to stimulate my mind.

In Denver, I found the cost of living to be extremely high, but for the first time in a while, I also found myself happier than ever before. I truly enjoyed working from different coffee shops, walking through the alleys filled with art murals, and the people who all had a “Think Different” mindset of how to approach business, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

It might be all the weed or magic mushrooms that Denver loves so much, but the people here had a completely different way of how to live life and were surprisingly financially successful for how much time they spend in the mountains.

One of the most significant differences I noticed from Houston is that in Denver, people truly valued happiness and time away from work, while in Houston, the idea of being a corporate slave and killing yourself till 3 AM for a client was glorified.

Going back to Prepineer, I continued to work on this company the entire time, struggling to keep going as I hit a 95% passing rate on the exam and could answer any vector mechanics problem or draw a Mohr’s Circle like a champion, but that I could not make money.

Ain’t nobody could tutor someone on Bernoulli’s equation or Newtonian Mechanics better than from the coffee shop with some weed and coffee, I especially loved it when people would come to meet up with me at the coffee shop with my portable whiteboard.

No matter how hard I tried, I continuously pumped my heart and soul into creating engineering content, only to find that the company could only handle so many students at one time. It was nearly impossible to replicate myself to teach another mentor or person to not only market and close the deal, but tutor those engineers for the duration of their time in the Prepineer Program.


Sequentially during this time, I had spent every day watching Youtube videos on digital marketing, WordPress development, and sales while I was writing the engineering curriculum.

Each day I tried to break my mind to the point where it felt like mush, just as if you do too many curls for the girls and work your biceps so much that if you lift your arms, they painfully spasm.

I would focus on complex engineering equations while continually taking notes and writing flowcharts on all of the different digital marketing strategies, tools, and implementation that entrepreneurs promoted all over Youtube, Udemy, and any source of information I could get my hands on.

While a majority of my time was focusing on writing content with Prepineer, I became quite the guru of Hubspot, Drift, and other SaaS digital marketing tools, studying the ins and outs of every tool I could find on the internet, using the Zapier app directory as my to-do list for every category they listed.

At one point, I was sending close to 10,000 emails manually each month to try and generate sales, and doing a minimum of 3-5 hours on the phone each day talking to prospective students to close them, and also mentor existing students to help retain them in the program in the hopes of them passing the EIT exam.

As I saw my trajectory with Prepiner and that I had limited growth potential with my newly found skill set, I decided to pivot medical billing, which, to this day, still surprises me.

I had met my current business partner, who needed a marketing and sales guy to help him build out his vision for a medical billing company that specializes in working with patients as much as medical providers.

The caveat to that was that the patients we would be helping were not your typical patient as they pursued medical treatments at medical providers that were non-participating and did not take insurance. A majority of the treatments were integrative or holistic, and patients would pay cash in the range of anywhere from $5,000 – $250,000.

To make it even more complicated, the patients also needed to have a private PPO insurance policy (Preferred Provider Organization) and a policy that was good enough to reimburse for treatments at non-participating medical providers.

Once we did find a patient who had medical bills, it would take my team four weeks to do the work, and another 60-90 days before the insurance would reimburse for any items they did pay for.

The cherry on top from a cash flow perspective for an entrepreneur who at this point borderline bankrupt, and living on credit cards, was that we did all of the work on a contingency basis on the backend, so even when I did find a viable client, it would take nearly 4-6 months before my company would generate any revenue.

I remember during 2018 the stress and anxiety every day as I had run out of money, cashed in all of my retirements, and was approaching $100k in credit card debt with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Medical BIll Gurus was picking up steam, and everyone loved the concept of the business model. Still, it struggled to generate revenue as I worked continuously to pitch clinics to refer their patients, making B2C directly to patients to have them sign up, as well as work to understand the ecosystem and demographics that we would be serving.

Regardless of how confident I felt, most days feel like an uphill battle to cling to any hope of financial revenue and growing doubt that I would not make enough money to pay my bills, and thought in the back of my head I would need to go back to engineering and reflect for the next 40 years on the risks I took in my 20’s and never regret anything.



I felt like a zombie working nonstop every day, afraid to look at my bank account and credit card statements, and sick to my stomach as credit cards started getting declined for being over the limit.

To this day, I have a playlist of songs I listen to on Spotify that when I hear them, I feel the same desperation and remember how scared I felt like to that same song at 3 AM knowing that the rent was due in a few days, and if I didn’t close a new client and execute the work immediately, I wouldn’t have enough money to pay my bills for the month.

To this day, I have never missed a rent payment, bill, or credit card payment, I hit everyone on time.


Even though I had limited credit and next to no income, I continuously spent money on running Facebook and Google ads, purchasing premium versions of SaaS tools, and then running as many experiments as I could to get data points that I could run analysis on and try to identify trends in what worked best for my target demographic and objective.

With Medical Bill Gurus, I remember having a light bulb moment one day when I realized that the secret to this point was listening to people and genuinely providing value to the struggles they were facing.

When it came to Lyme Disease, I found that the primary way I could provide value was to share their struggles on a national stage and advocate for them for people who said they were crazy or that Lyme Disease does not exist.



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After speaking with hundreds of patients and not charging them a thing, I found that the Lyme community is very interconnected and that due to all the scrutiny you had to show, you would help the Lyme patients and build trust with the community.

So I ordered 10,000 Lyme Disease awareness wristbands and launched my first major campaign where I went all-in on unlimited ad spend on social media and driving traffic to the first website I ever designed,

To my surprise, my calculated strategy took off, and 50,000 people signed up on my website.


I remember being at my friend Chris’s wedding in Houston, and my phone started vibrating so much that I got anxiety and had to turn it off because I had no idea why so many people had signed up on my website.

Below is a screenshot of my Google analytics where you the huge spike of traffic that was like a drug for the Google and Search Engine bots, and overnight started instantly ranking me for more keywords on the front page of Google.

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam entrepreneurial journey

I experienced, for the first time, what it was like to have a marketing campaign take off and gain traction.

From that point forward, I went on a mission traveling around the country to meet with Lyme patients, clinics, support groups, and anyone who would give me an ear to have a conversation, learn about the struggles people were facing, and genuinely care about providing solutions to help them.

For the next 12 months, I traveled as much as I could afford to start pitching clinics and trying to talk with patients in person to around the country to hear the horror stories they have experienced as our healthcare system failed them.


I learned from talking to patients which clinics were the best one I should approach, and then work to understand the internal ecosystem of each clinic before I even arrived.

At the same time, I also was sharpening my SEO game and wrote a piece of content that blew Medical Bill Gurus up on the front end.

I realized one at 2 AM after taking a phone call from a Lyme patient in the middle of the night that ever single Lyme patient I spoke with had one question, “Why Is Lyme Disease Not Covered By Insurance“?

It is a valid question as most patients have coverage in-network at all of their doctors, only to find almost every Lyme literate medical doctor is out of network and does not cover Lyme Disease Treatment.

Thus, I sat down for the next 18 hours after already not sleeping and wrote a piece of content to address this topic directly on the head, and then optimize the page for social media share and search engine optimization.

When I launched the piece of content, it went viral in Facebook groups, and in the blink of an eye, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

Within 30 days, I was #1 on Google for the keyword “Lyme Disease Insurance,” and I was not setting the bar in the industry that patients should demand clinics help with insurance reimbursements by referring them to my company vs. letting patients give up on any chance of getting the money back.

Looking at my business, I was starting to fill up the pipeline now, only to look at the mountains ahead only to realize it would be a minimum of 6-9 months before I made any revenue that would be even close to helping me pay my bills.

It is was a very humbling moment for me to realize that I was now signing contracts, collecting bills, and getting lifeblood into my company only to realize that my overhead was going up exponentially and that I would have to cover more expenses while not taking home any pay personally from the company.

Talk about wanting to give up and just punch yourself in the face.

At this point, I was feeling more confident in my digital marketing capabilities with a few campaigns behind me, and I began to start pitching local businesses to see if I could begin supplementing my income by doing digital marketing on top of Medical Bill Gurus.

I had only two websites when I started pitching, a website to generate free food referral codes called “Free Food Hacks” and Medical Bill Gurus, I have little to no experience in local SEO or anything other than getting unlimited free Door Dash to satisfy my midnight munchies.

After neglecting my health, my weight got the best of me with unbearable neck and back pain, so I started going to a local chiropractic and massage business called Back In A Flash Chiropractic & Massage.

One Saturday after getting a massage, I ran into the owner at the front desk, who I bro-ed out with, and to this day is one of my best friends, and start having small talk with him.

When he asked me what I did, I told him I had a digital marketing agency and was looking for new clients and that I could flex on him harder than anyone else he would hire.

At the time, I was completing faking it, and he said he couldn’t afford more than $500 a month because he hated marketing guys.

I told him that I told the guy that and agreed most of them are fuck faces, but that I was different and I would do all the work for free, and in 30-60 days if he wasn’t happy, he didn’t have to pay me but that I would go to each of his competitors until someone valued my worth.

He said done deal, and you can get as many free massages, floats, and chiropractic adjustments as you want.

That day, I started doubling my research on local SEO and running experiments on different strategies to get people in the door.

I told him, don’t judge me by how great of a sales guy I am because no doubt I can talk up a storm, but just baseline your revenue and let me know what you think.

Within 60 days, I designed a new website, got it ranked on the front of Google for the keyword “Denver Chiropractic,” #1 on voice SEO with Alexa, and most of all had tripled their top line revenue by efficiently scaling their organic reach with $0 ad spend.

Needless to say, the business owner was delighted and not only wanted to pay me monthly more than $500, but gross percentage points on revenue as well as equity long-term for rebuilding the business from the ground up.

To this day, the original website I designed is there; it is a piece of shit website I need to redo, but the SEO is good, and it still ranks well on the front page of Google to drive in sometimes 10-15 new cash pay chiropractic clients a day.

While unlimited massages is a solid flex, the reality was money got very tight, and I was continuously worried that I could not afford to keep my lifestyle of being freestyle travel nomad entrepreneur and hit the wall of maxing out all of my credits, and officially running out of money.

At the same time, Medical Bill Gurus was ramping up, and I had to continuously win new business so that I could build the pipeline of work for us to scale consistently over time, just feeling sick every time I realized I won it would take 6-9 months to get that revenue.

So I hit the road with a $1,000 budget and started picking up digital marketing clients all over the country and maxing out my credit cards to have a chance to pitch clinics for Medical Bill Gurus, and then design websites and SEO on the side at night while at the Days Inn Pool.

I realized that the primary markets for my industry were in Tampa, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Tijuana, Mexico, so I started planning monthly trips to get my 10 seconds to shoot my shot.

Rejection is the best mentor of success . . . . . .

I have never learned a more useful skill in life than to be continuously rejected and told “No” that it toughened me in a way I had never experienced before, I had just spent all the money I had left to my name, and you won’t even give me the time of day to hear what I have to say.

I started getting addicted to the feeling of rejection because I love knowing that if I accepted, they didn’t care and wanted me to leave, that I had nothing to lose because I had already established the expectation of failure in my head.

My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it… but love it. – Ecce Homo Nietzsche

Over time, I found myself become more confident in myself because I could stomach continuously failing and being rejected, that what was the worst outcome that could happen?

No matter how romantic I can make it sound, I eventually found myself at a crossroads where I was burnt out doing websites, tight on cash, and if I did not win some big clients soon, I would not be able to stop the ship from burning and face an inevitable bankruptcy.

I found myself commonly in Florida visiting my mom and identified two high dollar clinics in my industry that my partner described as “Life-Changing.”

He said Daniel, “If you got both of those clinics to refer their patients, we have a business that will be cash flowing big within a few months.”

From that point forward, I became obsessed with those clinics get hotels in their parking lot and watching the clinic from a distance to learn the ecosystem that revolved around the clinic, and then walking around the clinic in the middle of the night when I could not sleep to practice my pitch and know the name of every staff member who worked there.

It took me a total of 6 trips until people started to recognize me, acknowledge the letters I had written, and gave me a chance to pitch.

While no deals go smoothly, eventually, both of those clinics became clients of Medical Bill Gurus, and one fo them, in particular, became family for me.


Just passing the four-year mark since I quit my job, I honestly don’t think if I had to do it again, I could look back at the amount of suffering, anxiety, stress, and work that I had to put in to get where I am today.



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I now have five businesses with 20+ people on the payroll in different roles with all of them and have operations in 15 countries around the world in the industries of healthcare, cannabis, roofing, paintless dent repair, and various other affiliate marketing residual sources of income.



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What felt impossible to me four years ago in starting a business, marketing to generate leads and close deals, and ultimately create flow, I can do in less than two weeks for businesses in almost any industry if they have the necessary capital to justify my team.

Right now our country is about to head into a major economic depression, there is honestly no better time to start taking risks as everyone will suffer, and those who can find traction will experience exponential growth.

I appreciate the people who have been with me since the day and my team who believes in me regardless of how disorganized I may be at times.

It is my goal that for every person I cross paths with to no only inspire them, but realize we can always build our own way to a life full of success and happiness, we just need to acknowledge no one or nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without sacrifice, rejection, and hard work.

To all past, present, and future rejections in my life, just realize you only lose when you give up, rejection is like losing a battle, giving up is when you actually lose the war. I never call it quits for anything worthwhile in my life, just hope you are ready for what I have in store to close my next big deal.

As I pack my bags for the next four week trip around the country to Phoenix, Tampa, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and Tijuana, I am excited about the opportunity for more failures I can learn from and providing value to every kindred spirit I make along the journey.

You Can Go Your Own Way!



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