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How a COVID Test Helped Me Close a 6-Figure Deal

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I am a firm believer that the most worthwhile things in life require the most patience and understanding of the other person, and typically require a certain level of rejection or failure before the desired outcome occurs.

Last February when I was in Scottsdale, AZ visiting another clinic for Medical Bill Gurus, I decided that I wanted to go on Google and prospect a few new medical clinics to start pitching. I would cold call them to let them know I was in town and what I did, and whether they welcomed me or not I would show up acting like they rolled out the red carpet for me.

One of the clinics I decided to pitch was one of the largest Lyme Disease and cancer clinics in the alternative medicine market, with a team of naturopaths who had developed a phenomenal reputation for helping patients holistically.

I always laugh when I say that one could be a  “life-changing” client because you have only one life to live yet you can have infinite life-changing clients if you never accept complacency in your life.

Anyways, I called the clinic and their initial reaction was we are not interested, “we are a cash-based medical provider and want nothing to do with insurance billing.”

This is the of the most common rejections I get, and whenever I hear this line, I either book a flight or decide to just show up at their door to let them know I am well aware that they are a cash-based clinic, and that they want nothing to do with my company or insurance billing, but that I actually have a solution that will help their patients get reimbursed and help their bottom line grow with the potential of additional revenue.

Typically, medical sales are one of the most difficult fields, but after being rejected for years, I have learned a rebuttal to any argument or point a prospect will make to turn me away, and spin the conversation to have the prospect come to the conclusion that they are the one who actually is misinformed and is lacking the proper knowledge of how insurance billing works for out of network cash-based medical providers.

Going back to the clinic in Scottsdale, when I called the receptionist who picked up the phone hung up on me initially, and when I called back again asking for someone who looked important on their website, I got one of the naturopathic doctors to speak with me who showed some interested in the service.

She said I could email her and she would look at everything, only to her surprise that when I realized she was interested in the first 60 seconds of the call, I had hit the gas in my mustang and was already on the way to the clinic to pitch her in person.

Within 3 minutes of our call ending, I was in the clinic lobby with my Medical Bill Gurus folder having a conversation with her and pitching her on why she needs to help her patients pursue insurance reimbursements.

Just like so many things in my life, she acted interested and told me to follow up with her, only to ghost me and fall of my radar for the last few months as COVID took the spotlight and Medical Bill Gurus hit record financials without their business.

Fast forward to July from February, I had not had any luck getting ahold of anyone at that clinic and had put them on the back burner to pursue more qualified prospects that were ready to go.

This month, in particular, I was in Scottsdale to visit a new client I picked up for marketing and billing, who requested I fly in to help them get their clinic growing exponentially and check out the treatments they offer their patients.

However, during my time there, there was a discussion about COVID precautions at the clinic, and the owners requested everyone, including myself, go get a COVID test from another clinic down the hall that was doing rapid COVID testing.

Walking into the clinic, it was a nice facility that had a name that looked to be indicative of a clinic in my niche but was a name I had never heard of.

Upon walking in to order the rapid COVID test, the receptionist let me know they were 100% cash-based and did not take insurance.

I then noted in my head, I need to research this clinic, this could be a potential client for Medical Bill Gurus. Interestingly enough, when I walked into the clinic I realized there were multiple naturopathic doctors who worked there, indicative of a successful clinic.

During my COVID intake, I was asked about my travel history, and I let them know I had been in pretty much every hot spot within the last 6 weeks, including Houston, Tampa, Los Angeles, Tijuana, Phoenix, San Diego but had shown no symptoms.

She then said side note, but what do you do to travel so much?

I let her know that I own a medical billing company that specializes in working with cash-based medical providers that treat cancer and Lyme Disease, and was in Scottsdale to meet with the clinic down the hall.

We then started to discuss the main doctor and how their clinic operates, and then it clicks in my mind that I had heard his name before and that I had tried to work with his previous clinic numerous times, and had last time spoken with another one of the doctors, who seemed interested in my service but never returned my outreach.

In this industry, people will always qualify your knowledge of the types of treatments offered as they are unorthodox to the average person; to which I responded that I personally do hyperthermia monthly, glutathione + high dosage vitamin C IV’s, and love ozone when I feel sick.

To which we discussed some fo the molecular biology for common treatments, and she realized we were on the same page. Just as we were discussing the Krebs Cycle, the doctor walked in and said Daniel I have been wanting to talk with you, I remember you showing up at our previous clinic and being very confident that you can help our patients secure insurance reimbursements.

I said, “You are correct, I wouldn’t have a business and be able to travel around the country if I did not get results for people, give me one a shot to prove myself.”

Thus, she designed to move forward and the clinic is in the process of referring all of their current, past, and future patients to Medical Bill Gurus.

FYI the COVID test was negative, and somehow I don’t even have antibodies!

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