SiteGround Hosting

High-Performance Platform

Powered By Google Cloud

We run our service on Google Cloud, which guarantees premium availability and reliability and one of the fastest networks out there. We use distributed SSD storage for multiple redundancies.

Powerful Caching Technology

All hosted sites get cached, which improves their performance up to 5 times! We cache both their static resources and the dynamic PHP output. Our clients get the option to switch on Memcached for database-driven sites.

Quick technology integration

We are consistently among the first to integrate and offer the latest speed technologies such as the newest PHP versions, the fastest compression algorithms like Brotli, and more.

Ultrafast PHP Setup

We developed a custom PHP setup that cuts the TTFB (time to first byte) and makes the overall resource usage more efficient, to ultimately let your web pages load 30% faster compared to standard PHP setups.

Custom MySQL Setup

Our MySQL setup allows for a large number of requests to be processed simultaneously and masterfully handles heavy queries so that your websites load quickly even under high load.

Top WordPress Performance

For WordPress sites we have developed a powerful plugin that gives you control over the server environment and various front-end optimizations to make your site run significantly faster.

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