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  • EFM Past

    Empathy First Media was built by Daniel Lynch in 2015. He realized that his corporate engineering job was limiting so he decided to take his background in statistical analysis and put it to use. From there he maxed out his credit cards trying to understand digital algorithms. Self-taught, he believes anyone can learn digital marketing if they work hard at it.

  • EFM Ideology

    At Empathy First Media, we don't believe in formal education. You can spend 30,000 on school and really not know any real-world application. That's why we cut the fluff and get to the ideas that matter: building websites that convert and building brands to help our clients grow their ROI exponentially.

  • EFM Future

    We've been asked, "What do you get out of giving out all of this information? We are looking for likeminded people who have a willingness to learn and a lust for knowledge. This ultimately helps us find hardworking and loyal people to help us build amazing marketing campaigns!

Want To Get To The Next Level?

At Empathy First Media we believe that hard works pays off, failure is still the best way to learn and nothing gets handed to you. If you want to join a team of like-minded entrepreneurial people then this is the place for you. If you want to believe that your expensive degree gives you a reason to sit on a high-horse then you need to re-evaluate your life. We want to teach the best of the best. The people who are willing to learn and fail. If you are ready to join and become a digital marketing bada**, then submit this form!

We are currently looking for:

-Web Developers (WordPress, HTML, CSS, Page Builders - I don't care if you can code a site by hand, it's a waste of time)
-Technical Copywriters (Medicine, Engineering, Science)
-SEO Experts (Regression Analysis, Data Analytics, Experiments)
-PPC/SEM/Social Media Ads (Creative, Data Analytics, Reporting)

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"I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was given. I can now say with confidence I have a skill that I can use to make over 100K a year"

- Andres C.

The Team Behind Empathy First Media

Daniel Lynch


Daniel Lynch

Oana Borcoman

Chief Branding Officer

Oana Borcoman

Kenna Johnson

Operations Manager

Kenna Johnson

Web Developer

Tyler Hall

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